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Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin is a small town of 18,000 in central Wisconsin that has a vibrant live music scene. Recently more than 35 cover bands were listed as having members here and many bands that write and play original music reside here as well. We're a small town with a ton of talent!

In the fall of 2014, a local musician, Connie Tomski-Faville started a Facebook group to join together these musicians with local music venues and local "music lovers"-people who appreciate live music and love dancing. The idea was to let everyone know where and when local bands were playing, regardless of which type of music it was. The group was called Friends of Rapids Music (FRM). Beginning with only that 1 member, we now have nearly 3,000 musicians, music venues, and music lovers who are members in FRM from not only Wisconsin Rapids but from all across Wisconsin and beyond.

The FRM Festival, held in conjunction with Wisconsin Rapids' Cranberry Blossom Festival, the 3rd full weekend in June, is a way to not only celebrate community and music across genres, but is also a fundraiser for local musicians, music educators, music students, and honored music lovers in times of need. If you like the idea of supporting live, local music, type FRM into Facebook and click join. And we'll see you where the music is!
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