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  1. Morbi nunc odi
    The Mother and Son Reunion
    The Mother and Son Reunion consists of Susie Chitek and Ben Chitek. Ben is a well known musician in the area (The Kommissioners, Goats In Trees, Alter Ego) and Susie has been singing to and with him since he was knee high to a grasshopper. They feature covers by such artists as The Everly Brothers, The Beatles, The Mamas & the Papas and more.
  2. Morbi nunc odi
    1 PM
    Wilhelm is a four member band formed in Iola, Wisconsin in 2016. Playing an eclectic mix of cover and original songs that span the genres of folk, indie, and rock, they fill large spaces with their vast instrumentation. More than anything, they hope their music inspires head bobbing, foot tapping, and loud sing-a-longs. The name Wilhelm comes from the middle name of our high school band teacher who was, and still is, an avid lover of music in all its glorious forms. Despite moving on from the growing years of high school, we all still view our time with Mr. Jacob Wilhelm Martin as formative.
  3. Morbi nunc odi
    The Quadrasonix
    2 PM
    The Quadrasonix are a band formed in 2018 to indulge guitarist and guitar teacher Tom McComb’s love of the American cultural phenomenon known as Surf Music. Tom was able to recruit bassist Jack (from Rapids), John Hartman (Stevens Point) on 2nd Guitar, and from Waupaca, Kevin Knopp on drums. What a great sound! Get your surf board!
  4. Morbi nunc odi
    Baba Ghanooj
    3 PM
    Baba Ghanooj has been together for over 25 years. With a core of close knit family members (“musical savants” to those who know them well), they have the uncanny ability to play most any song, known or unknown. Playing classic deep-cut Baba covers from Steely Dan, Tom Petty, the Beatles and more, plus a sprinkling of sparkling originals, they make for a dream dance party right here at the FRM Fest!
  5. Morbi nunc odi
    Boi Band
    Boi Band is very excited to come back to the festival which kicked off their rise in Central Wisconsin last year! Get ready to hear hard rock, metal, Nirvana, and even some originals from these kids who are SO young but SO talented! All from Wisconsin Rapids. Jade Ostrum (16) vocals, August Bambenek (16) guitar, Eric Blaszczak (16) bass, and Max Poters (14) drums.
  6. Morbi nunc odi
    Funkyard Dealers
    The Funkyard Dealers showcase a dynamic progressive funk style; stripped down, incorporating multiple rhythms, grooves and sounds. KC McCrum (guitar), Brian Johnston (drums), Pete Koconis (bass), and Jeremiah Urbans (guitar) all hail from Wisconsin Rapids, WI. Every festival needs a great funk band and this is it!
Our Headliner: The People Brothers Band 7pm

From Madison, Wisconsin

The soulfully infectious People Brothers Band released its third album, Love Electric, on January 12, 2018.
The album features their eclectic style of rhythm and soul that fans have grown to hold dear. Love Electric takes listeners on a personal journey with the band. Through the songwriting process, members have loved, lost, learned, and lived.
“Love is the one thing that you experience in a multitude of ways,” says frontwoman Teresa Marie. “Sometimes it’s not good. Sometimes it’s great. Sometimes it’s trivial. But most of all, love is amazing. Throughout this year, we’ve experienced the embodiment of Love Electric. We have felt every spectrum of that emotion.”
From the dynamic build up in the title track “Love Electric” to the catchy rhythm of “That Feeling,” to the soulful vocals  in “Trouble” and the powerful message in “Live Like a Song,” this album embodies the band’s diversity.
Through their blend of vocal harmonies and instrumentation, Love Electric will get the emotions flowin’, the body movin’, and the booty groovin’.

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What are people saying about the PBB?

The band has emerged as one of Madison’s tightest and most soulful groups, featuring vocalists Scrivens and Gronna, whose singing alone is worth the price of admission.
-Bill Vick, The Stoughton Courier

More than a lot of Madison bands, The People know how to get their audience dancing.  Their stage energy is infectious and their strong rhythms make listeners want to move.  That has turned them into a successful regional draw, especially at summer festivals.
-Rich Albertoni, The Isthmus

Tight, funky and fun with great vocals.  You should check them out too... before they get too big to play little clubs.
-Bill Geist's Zeitgeist

They have an outstanding vocal presence and excellent rhythm section that spreads out the groove and gets the booties on the dance floor.
-The Isthmus

Combines elements of classic rock, blues, and soul.  Their music is fun and will make your toe tap, your bum shake, and even get you out on the dance floor.
-The High Noon Saloon

Want to get your face rocked off????  This is the band to see.  Never disappointing, they are sure to get you dancing and leave you wanting more.
-Decorah Now

The People Brothers Band was outstanding!! The dance floor was packed all night! Everyone danced to fabulous music, both covers and original songs. And the band never took a break, saying they didn't want the momentum to slow down, much less stop!!
-Kary, Review on

These guys rock. Straight up rock. Everyone had a blast at our wedding and would do definitely want them at any event that allows great music.
-User, on

They are the best! Everyone had a blast at our wedding. We were so lucky to have this awesome band rockin' out all night.
-Jessica, Review on